Self Helpless.


Good thing this isn’t a ‘Self-Help’ blog. I am in no way a guru or someone to talk to in terms of getting help for yourself. I am a mess. But, what I have discovered in ‘Self-Help’ books is that everyone telling the story comes from some place dark… and then blossoms into the beautiful. I just haven’t blossomed yet, that’s all. AKA: not a self-help blog. It’s an, ‘I’m a mess and I bet you are too because you somehow ended up on this blog’ blog.

When I began this (insert whatever this is) it was a complete vomit of words, then it was  a journal, inspiration for myself, etc. As it began to take shape, I thought of something a wise young fourth grader told me. ‘Ms. Bocca this is ridiculous. My hand hurts, I’ve written the same paragraph 6 times, and I changed maybe 3 things.’ Yes, Elliot, you were right, I should have let you use a computer. Your pre-writing strategy was much more efficient considering you could quickly delete, copy, paste, repeat.

The most brilliant 10 year old on the planet shared a quote with me once:

“Reading is what you do when you want to escape where you have to be.”

Seemed she didn’t want to be in my class. Regardless, she learned from me and I learned from her. We grew. We continue to grow. This brings me to the one question this blog circles around: Are these little things the actual big stuff?

Join me as I hash through my experiences, downfalls, confusions, highs, lows, and everything in between. My hope is that as I benefit from the therapy of writing this, someone out there, maybe you, will benefit too. Becoming better with every step is the goal, right?

Also, YES. I have made my username livinginthegrey69. I’d like to point out that I did not realize these numbers would be on display. This unfortunate grouping of numbers is a running joke with me and my boyfriend. Everytime there is a password or number we are required to give, naturally 69 is the most fun number to provide. It typically warrants laughs, awkward looks, an eyebrow raise, or judgment from a stranger. There is nothing wrong with a little childish dirty humor. So, I stand strong in my decision to not change the numbers, because every time I look at it, it will make me giggle.


I will leave you with this:

The picture of the leaning tower of rocks does hold importance and symbolism. The literature teacher in me seriously geeked out on this one. Can you guess the symbolism in the tower of rocks?

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