Here I am.

On another flight to go see my amazing boyfriend in California. I packed several books to read on my day of travel, yet I just spent a large amount of this flight convincing myself that I actually wanted to read the self-help book about becoming a better me and somehow taking over the world with my girl power. When suddenly, I realized I needed to just write my own damn version of the truth – I couldn’t find a pen. So here I am, typing on my cell phone with the brightness down to zero because my phone is about to die (per usual) Note, I might also shed real blood tonight typing through the cracks in this damn screen. I am a mess.

Does this sound like anyone else’s life?


I almost accidentally ate a weed brownie from a client, taught a spin class, a random person decided to read my palm, read an article about the top advantages to being a teacher, (as I was then prompted to mull over my top reasons I was a teacher), read a juicy romance novel, feigned over the cutest father and son duo running through the airport, and was offered a free miniature bottle of wine from a very nice lady flight attendant who I’m quite sure was hitting on me.

Best part? I actually consider today as boring. What else could I possibly want in my life, right?

Now. Does this sound like anyone else’s life? Here’s the thing. I don’t think the answer is no. Weird shit happens to us every day. And if it doesn’t, we’re all thinking weird shit all day every day. If I’m wrong, so be it. Being right is overrated. and boring.